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Natural Concerns, Inc. integrates a natural approach into all landscape services.
Founded in 1989, Natural Concerns is the leader in eco-friendly landscape practices. We encourage lush vistas, without the use of harsh chemicals, creating a nutrient-rich, robust landscape ecology around your home or business.

What Sets Us Apart?

As stewards of our environment, we grow our mission by providing training and opportunities to our team that will enable them to learn and grow personally and professionally.

The expertise assembled at NCI reflects many years of excellent training and well-earned experience in landscape/natural stone masonry design, installation, and maintenance.
Our team, many of whom have worked in this field for over 30 years, continue their dedication and expertise in each service that NCI cultivates.

NCI is comprised of a stellar group of professionals who are deeply committed to our company’s mission and principles. We share unparalleled professional standards and a passion for creative solutions.


The Three E's

The Natural Concerns family believes that growing an individual's potential, as well as the potential of our Greater Baltimore community is paramount. We ever collaborate with organizations that improve the outcome of employment, education, and environmental issues within our Baltimore community. We recognize the weight of these social issues on our community by endeavoring to be part of their solution. Referring to them as the “three E’s,” NCI employees are motivated to:


  • give people the opportunity to learn, become self-reliant, accept personal responsibility, appreciate the value of work, and contribute to not only NCI but to society as a whole 


  • provide advancement opportunities through continuing education for all of our team members. We are proud to partner with the American Landscape Institute and the Community College of Baltimore


  • incorporate eco-forward considerations into all operations. We encourage the practice of Native Designs, Storm Water Management, Nutrient Run-off Controls, and importantly artistic natural beauty.

Ultimately, our mission is to care for your landscape and our community, naturally.

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