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Education, Employment, and Environment
 Visit our affiliate non-profit, Arbor Dog to learn more about NCI's charitable endeavors.  

Natural Concerns, Inc. is humbled to support the Boots For Baltimore initiative. BOOTS FOR BALTIMORE grew out of the spontaneous response of the Church of the Redeemer parish to the plea of a shelter provider for work boots and warm socks. Boots offer a gift not only of protection but of dignity and opportunity. Staffed by Redeemer volunteers, the BOOTS program solicits funds from private individuals, foundations, corporations and the church community for the purchase of sturdy boots that are then distributed through a network of 30 agencies serving the homeless, the jobless and the working poor – shelters, soup kitchens and job programs. Our Day School students gather coins and lose change, contributing to the purchase of over 30 pairs of boots each year. Discover more about Boots for Baltimore by visiting: Boots for Baltimore



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