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Natural Concerns, Inc. (NCI) was founded in 1989 with the purpose of providing quality landscaping services utilizing a natural approach.  Over time we have been successful in our initial objective but realize the responsibilities that come with success.


While the expertise assembled at NCI reflects many years of training and experience in landscape/hardscape design, installation and maintenance,  our team, many of whom have worked in this field for over 25 years, are continuing the dedication and expertise that NCI has established.


Believing in people and the Greater Baltimore Community the focus of NCI has expanded into incorporating the Three E’s into all of our activities.  They are Employment, Education and Environmental Enhancement.


Employment:  NCI believes that people given the opportunity can learn, appreciate the value of work, become self-reliant, accept personal responsibility and contribute to not only NCI but society as a whole.


Education:  NCI works closely with the American Landscape Institute,  CCBC and our experienced staff to provide advancement opportunities through continuing education for all of our team members as well as those just starting out.


Environmental Enhancement: Landscaping in and of itself constitutes an environmental enhancement on a micro level by improving a property for it’s inhabitants.  NCI has incorporated a more macro set of considerations into all operations. We promote the use of Native Designs, Storm Water Management, Nutrient Run-off Controls and importantly artistic natural beauty. 


Our mission, put simply, is to encourage personal growth within the NCI family of employees.  Highly trained, educated, communicative and dedicated NCI team members maintain and promote our brand every day. 



Project Manager:  A contact will be provided (name & cell phone number) and will meet with your dedicated contact to go over plans, match expectations, and provide clear time sheets to you as often as you require.


Supervision/Crew:  The NCI Project Manager will meet with our supervisor and crew to relay instructions based on meeting with you representative and perform a complete QA/QC inspection of work performed and share the report with you.

Office Staff:  Provides detailed billing and is able to serve whatever need you may have.


A word about the NCI approach to mowing:

NCI performs regular maintenance on all of our mowing equipment two times weekly. This to assure that only is the equipment functional but that the blades are sharp, the height of the deck is properly adjusted, and the equipment is free of contaminants from other properties.  This effort on our part will assure that lawn areas will be uniformly maintained and ‘striped’ for a neat and clean presentation.


WHAT SETS US APART?  Quite simply, our People, Management and our relentless attention to detail in all we do!



Winter/Spring Complete Property Clean Up – cut backs and winter pruning.  Clean out beds of any debris and excess mulch and pull weeds as necessary.  Apply pre-emergent to control weed growth as necessary, edge out beds and remove edging debris and spread fresh mulch.  Fertilize plant materials to prepare plants for the coming growth cycle using organic fertilizers and those specific to different plant types. 


Monthly/Bi-Weekly/Weekly/or Daily Maintenance Visits (Including Mowing of Grass Areas) – Weed all beds, prune plant materials as required, dead-head perennial as required and touch up mulch as needed.  Keep grass area mowed to a maximum height (To be Determined in Contract), String Trim all edges (including sidewalk growth and any parking lot islands), blow off clipping from all hard surfaces.  NOTE:  Leaf Removal will be included in our service on a continuous basis but may require a heavy more concentrated effort depending on Leaf fall.  Service includes disposal of leaf matter unless directed otherwise.


Seasonal Color Rotation – NCI generally replaces annual flowers with seasonal color and plant selection.  NCI tests for vital nutrients and the Ph in the existing soil and add amendments where necessary.  NCI then removes all old plant materials, debris and weeds.  Lastly, we install new seasonal plant materials in a style, plant type and color that we have agreed upon with you.  Seasonal rotation is performed in the spring and the fall, but depending on your watering/irrigation practices a summer visit and Holiday Decorations may be arranged.


Pots generally require some design and Client preference.  We have designers who specialize in Pots, Planters, Holiday Decorations and special event preparation.  These services can either be included in contracts, or stand alone.


Enhancement Services – In the event our QA/QC Program identifies something outside our scope of contractual services our Project Manager will verbally notify your point of contact and will provide a copy of our QA/QC Report.  A cost proposal will be issued upon agreement with the scope of services required.  NCI selects plant materials by visiting nurseries in order to select plant materials based upon both aesthetics and plant heath to match (as closely as practicable) the plants being removed in type, size and shape.


Hardscape & Masonry Services – NCI employs a full-time masonry/hardscape division that is capable of working with natural or manufactured stone products.  Our services include stone, concrete and brick repairs to the installation of patios, walkways, fireplaces, retaining walls and outdoor class rooms.


Porter Services – Available to pick up trash around your facility and empty trash receptacles in your designated dumpster(s).  Maintenance Services include policing of planting beds (including discarded trash), downed small branches from storms or normal shedding of organic matter.


Landscape Design – The NCI staff of seasoned, talented designers will carefully listen to your goals and will provide you with drawings that accomplish the project within the budget established.  We bring a residential flare to commercial enhancement projects and hand select the tress and miscellaneous plant materials for the projects that NCI performs.  NCI designs beautiful landscapes using native selections and cultivars to add color.


Snow Plowing/Removal – The approach NCI uses to keep a property clear from snow fall is based on the principle of ‘plan your work, then work your plan’.  NCI will access your property for areas to be marked, areas to stage piled snow, those areas requiring special attention (i.e., Medical Facilities, Day Care Centers, Entrances/Egress Areas, Delivery Areas & Dumpster Areas).  NCI will conduct an interview with you prior to the Snow Season to assure that all of your priorities are anticipated to be met and that our Customized Plan is acceptable prior to Snow Fall.  The final step is for NCI to visit your property with our Estimator and Supervisor to assure that all equipment is staged and ready, property is staked properly and all personnel have been assigned to accomplish the plan.


Drainage Construction – Whether it is an enhancement project, pavement patching, a complete drainage system overhaul or Freeze/Thaw considerations during the Winter Months we can address your needs.  NCI has experience with underground springs, typical pipe trenching and placement, rain gardens and bio-retention pond design, establishment, and planting.


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